Reach your customers with 2-way SMS and WhatsApp messages

2-way messaging service is a versatile api interface solution for sending and receiving SMS and WhatsApp messages.

It allows you to get a quick answer from your customer to a question about an appointment, a survey or an order, for example. In addition, you can ask your customers for their opinion, and then thank them, for example, with the Ärrä code!

2-way messaging service is one of the services included in SmartDialog. All services are managed through the same, easy-to-use interface. You can choose one service for your use, or combine the whole set you need.

Multiple instant messaging channels

Send SMS and WhatsApp messages directly to consumer phones and also receive replies to your messages.

Other instant messaging channels, such as Facebook Messenger, will also be available later.

Reliable and easy communication

Send messages reliably to your destination at any time.

Messages can be sent via the api interface, or directly from the SmartDialog interface.

Versatile additional services

Also connect other ready-made value-added services to the 2-way messaging service, such as text message payment or a code service that sends Outbound Codes to your customers.

With a 2-way messaging service, in addition to sending messages, you also receive responses from your customers

The 2-way messaging service allows both sending messages and receiving a customer response. Take advantage of the 2-way messaging service, for example, when you want to get a quick answer from your customer to a question about an appointment, poll or subscription, for example. In addition, you can then thank them, for example, with the Ärrä code.

You can send and receive messages using the versatile and well-documented api interface or alternatively send and receive messages manually via the web management interface. The 2-way messaging service can also be combined with SMS payment, allowing your customers to pay via SMS.

If you just want to send messages, check out our 1-way messaging service.


  • Sending messages to
  • Finland and abroad
  • Combining multiple question-answer pairs
  • Alphanumeric sender instead of number (eg Yritys Oy)
  • Sending a text message to e-mail and sending an e-mail as a text message
  • Message scheduling and automation
    Integration with numerous different background systems

Basic features

  • GDPR compatible
  • Strong security
    Withstands large volumes
  • Versatile possibilities for reporting and invoicing
  • Web interface with comprehensive features and statistics on messaging
  • Customer support and 24/7 technical on-call service