Code Service


Digital gift codes serve as an excellent tool for e.g. thanking and motivating staff, when gathering information and measuring customer satisfaction.

With SmartDialog’s code service, you can manage your codes, third party codes or create own unique codes in the service. The codes are easy to attach to SMS or WhatsApp messages.

It is also possible to monitor the use of codes in the service, when data related to use is imported through the service’s API interface.

For example, R-kioski’s R-codes are managed with our Code service, so the codes’ use and redemptions can be monitored from SmartDialog’s user interface.

We also offer full service campaigns in which we manage the messaging campaigns by text message or e-mail.

Check out the website and order R-kioski’s digital gift codes.

Code Service – What can you do?

Code Management

If you have own codes that you want to share with your customers via SMS or Whatsapp messages, you can easily manage the codes in SmartDialog. 

The codes can be your own codes, or you can create them in Code Service, with the functions and restrictions you want. SmartDialog’s Code Service also supports R-kioski’s R-codes.


Code Distribution

You can connect the Code service to your web systems via our 1- and 2-way API messaging interfaces. 

You can also send codes from the SmartDialog user interface with SMS or WhatsApp messages, or add the codes to automatic return messages sent to customers, for example in connection with customer service inquiries

Code Monitoring

You can monitor the distribution from SmartDialog’s user interface’s statistics and message log. 

Redemption reports based on time and place are available for the use of R-kioski’s R-codes, from which you can see where and when the gift codes have been used.

Code Service – main features and functions

Code Management

Code Distribution

Code Monitoring

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