Survey Services

Make automatic opinion and NPS surveys with SMS and instant messages

Measuring customer satisfaction is one of the most important things when you want to improve the customer experience of a company or community and get critical information about the organization’s operations. Surveys made via text and instant messages are very easy to use from the end user’s point of view, and therefore are answered with a high response rate.​

The survey is sent to the customer as a text message or instant message, to which they respond according to the instructions given in the message, by either replying directly to the message, or by using the questionnaire that opens via a link. The content of the customer’s response can be, for example, a number, a letter, a yes / no answer, a word or open feedback. The survey is always modified to match the purpose of use, and there can be one or more questions in the survey.

Survey Servicen kyselyt

The survey service works automatically, so that, for example, after a customer service event, a survey message is automatically sent to the customer. The results of the surveys can be monitored with the help of clear reports, and visually from a web interface. Raw data can also be retrieved from the service for separate reporting.


Survey Services – What can you do?

Creating surveys

You can create surveys, for example, as chained text message surveys, so when the customer answers, a new message is sent based on the answer. Another way to implement the survey is to send a link to the survey web form in the message.

Sending surveys​

 The service has versatile settings for sending surveys. You can choose the sending times, the response options and limit the recipients as you wish. The survey can also be personalized for each recipient, in which case the feedback is targeted more precisely.


Collecting replies

 You can choose whether numbers, letters or open answers are collected as responses to the survey. In the surveys, automatic measures are created for what kind of return messages are sent to the answers or whether the messages are forwarded directly to e-mail.

Monitoring result​​

Responses received within the timeframe specified for the survey are compiled and the response report data is sent to the company in the desired format, with the agreed cycle. Real-time monitoring of statistics is possible from the web-interface.

Survey Services – main features and functions

Creating surveys

Sending surveys

Collecting replies

Monitoring result

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