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SmartDialog – intelligent instant messaging globally

SmartDialog is a next-generation instant messaging platform with ready-made features for intelligent digital communication, both centrally and globally across a variety of instant messaging channels. Including SMS, WhatsApp and Meta’s direct instant messages via Messenger and Instagram.

 SmartDialog enables you to create conversations with your target audience, automate your communications, send passcodes and offer payments via phone bill (SIM).


All SmartDialog services are managed from a single web management tool, where you can, for example, view statistics, manage access to your services, and send and receive messages.

Additionally, you have the ability to compile the content you desire into widget windows within the dashboard. These widgets can display various statistics related to your services

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SmartDialog’s functionality

Send instant messages

Send messages to your target groups using the web management tool or the api interface.

You can send messages evenly over time or make large mass sendings.

Receive messages and chat

Receive messages from instant messaging channels and manage conversations with an easy-to-use web management tool or api interface.

Generate and send codes

Send unique codes to remember or reward customers. 

For example, with our R-code service, you can reward customers with R-kioski’s products

Send and receive surveys

Conduct opinion surveys and measure customer satisfaction with NPS index surveys using SmartDialog’s message channels and survey features.

Receive SIM payments

Receive payments using text message or mobile payment.

You can also include payment as part of your communication.

What's new in SmartDialog?

Dialog Service – Simultaneous, free-form conversations with your target audiences
At the heart of SmartDialog is the opportunity to start free-form conversations with different target groups. The end-user experience is enhanced because conversations can be conducted freely without the use of keywords and exactly in the channel your customer wants.
All conversations are managed using the SmartDialog user interface Dialog Service or api interface, regardless of which instant messaging channel your customer uses.


It is now possible for companies to send messages to the consumer via WhatsApp. Messages sent through WhatsApp business numbers are also automatically encrypted.

If your customer is unable to receive WhatsApp messages, you can use SMS as a fallback.

Messenger & Instagram DM’s

This spring 2024, SmartDialog will also be able to receive Messenger & Instagram messages and start chats via the comprehensive Dialog Service.

Instant messaging is becoming more diverse

Include image, sound, or video in your communication. You can direct your customer to separate landing pages where you can ask for opinion, feedback, or give the end customer the opportunity to place an order.

SmartDialog Services

1-way messaging service

Reach your target audiences with 1-way SMS and WhatsApp messages

2-way messaging service

Receive SMS and WhatsApp messages from your customer and send back automatically a confirmation

1-way messaging service (Outbound)

Make text & WhatsApp messages part of your company’s communication process using a versatile api interface, or operate messages through SmartDialog’s own user interface.

With our 1-way messaging service, you can send for example. offers and important reminder or confirmation messages to your customers via SmartDialog’s instant messaging channels.

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2-way messaging service (Inbound)

Make text messages and Meta’s messaging channels part of your company’s communication process using a versatile api interface, or manage the inbound messages through SmartDialog’s user interface.

With our 2-way messaging service, you can receive instant messages and create automatic follow up actions.

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Dialog Service

The Dialog service allows your customers to start free-form chat-conversations with your business through a variety of instant messaging channels (SMS and Meta’s).

You can also send SMS and WhatsApp messages to the target audiences and let the end-user start the dialog by answering to the outbound message.

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Code Service

With the code service, you manage and send digital codes to your target audiences

Codes can for example be offering benefits, where you can use the code to get a discount on a product from an online store or a redeemable product from physical store.

R-code, is an electronic gift card concept by R-kioski and Arena Interactive.

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Survey Service

With automatic surveys via instant message channels, you can easily and cost-effectively measure your customer satisfaction or the opinion of your personnel.

Survey messages are quick to reply to and the response rates are high! You can see real-time statistics from the user interface as well as receive the result of those surveys automatically to your e-mail.

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Survey Servicen kyselyt

Payment Service

Mobile payment is a easy option for consumers to pay for small one-time purchases securely and quickly directly with their mobile device’s SIM card.

You can also include text message payment service as part of your communication.

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