Reward and thank your customers and stakeholders with R-codes

R-codes, implemented by R-kioski and Arena Interactive, is an digital gift card which is sent via SMS to the consumer’s mobile phone.

R-code is a unique, disposable code that works in all finnish R-kioskis. By showing the R-code at the kiosk, you will receive the product associated with the code for yourself free of charge. We operate the shipments for you, or integrate the service into your own customer satisfaction survey.

Take a look at the R-code products and order the quantity you want directly through the form . You will receive the codes in a few days!

How does it work?


Plan the code campaign (target group, product, amount, time, message)


Order the code campaign from


The code messages are sent


The enduser receives the code message and redeems the product from R-kioski


Monitor the R-code redemption

What is the R-code suitable for?

  • To gather information
  • For A / B testing
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • To reward customers
  • To activate customers
  • For product launches and tastings
  • Remembering employees
  • Anniversaries: Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, etc.

The benefits of a R-code

  • Quick to implement
  • Easy to combine with campaigns and launches
  • Collection of data on consumers
  • Collecting data from campaigns
  • Convenient for the consumer: The R-kiosk can be found on everyone’s journey home
  • Cost effective
  • Does not require separate distribution