LianaCloud, LianaMailer, LianaAutomation

The SmartDialog messaging platform has a direct and reliable integration to implement 1-way and 2-way messaging services in Liana’s services, LianaCloud, LianaMailer and LianaAutomation.

With the SmartDialog and Liana integration, you can connect SMS and WhatsApp messaging services with email marketing and marketing automation solutions. You can create text message campaigns and use instant messages directly as part of marketing automation processes.

In addition to the interfaces, you can monitor the integration’s message events with SmartDialog’s web interface, where you can see accurate statistics.

Connector features

Connector’s applications


SmartDialog can be connected to LianaCloud, as part of e-mail marketing and marketing automation solutions.

LianaCloud integration allows you to create manual SMS campaigns or use SMS or WhatsApp messages as part of marketing automation messaging processes.



SmartDialog can be integrated as part of LianaMailer email marketing, making it more efficient to reach customers through multiple instant messaging channels(outbound).

With LianaMailer, in addition to emails, you can send one-way SMS message campaigns, for example, to inform customers about appointments.

Two-way (inbound) SMS communication processes, for example, customer satisfaction surveys, are also possible through LianaMailer.



When you automate marketing flows, you can create ready-made message contents and select the factors based on which the SMS message is automatically sent to recipients for whom the selected settings and triggers are fulfilled. 

The message events are saved in LianaAutomation.

In addition to SMS and WhatsApp messaging, you can also connect e-mails and other channels to the automation process.

Requirements for integration

SmartDialog license

The integration requires a SmartDialog account license and message services: 1-way or 2-way depending on whether you need to send or also receive messages. 

Processing of services and personal data is as part of the contract process.


Numbers and connection

To receive messages, you need either a short number, a virtual longcode number or a WhatsApp number of a WhatsApp Business account.

Ordering, installation and use of number identities used in SmartDialog integrations is done through us on a turnkey basis.


SmartDialog connector

In addition to the SmartDialog license and messaging connections, LianaCloud’s SmartDialog connector is required, which you can get from Arena Interactive or from Liana.

LianaCloud users’ own contact person and Liana’s technical support helps with implementation: / +358 10 387 7053


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