Kayak Lookup, KayakPlus Messages

The SmartDialog messaging platform has a direct and reliable Kayak connector. With the SmartDialog and Kayak integration, you can combine messaging services with customer management functions.

In addition to outbound SMS message campaigns, when receiving inbound messages, you can check customer order information and configure actions based on this information.

Connector features

Connector’s applications

Renewal campaign messages

Customer communication with KayakPlus Messages.

Customers can be sent one-way SMS or Email marketing messages or two-way renewal campaign messages, to which the customer can respond by choosing an order option. The order information is updated directly in the order management system Kayak.

Advertising denies (opt-out) can also be sent by text message to Kayak.

Telesales confirmation messages

In telephone sales, the contract for the sold media product is created once the order has been accepted in writing.

This can be managed with  KayakPlus Telesales SMS solution.

The information of the order placed via phone is logged in the Kayak system, based on which an automatic confirmation request is sent to the customer via SMS. By replying to the text message, the customer gets his order confirmed.

Checking customer information

The Kayak customer check search can be used with SmartDialog’s 2-way services.

When an SMS arrives at the service, KayakLookup checks based on the phone number if he is a customer. E.g. the customer number can be added to the return message back to the customer.

With SmartDialog’s KayakAgent widget (in the user interface), you can search for customer information from Kayak. such as order history or other customer information stored in Kayak.

Checking order status

The subscription check can be used in SmartDialog’s 2-way services. 

When a text message arrives in the service, The Kayak Lookup checks whether there is a valid order based on that phone number. 

The conditions can be limited to the desired types of orders. The result of the order check can be used as a condition for other functions, for example, determining what kind of return message is sent to the customer or sending the subscriber benefit code.




Ilkka-Pohjalainen's subscription renewal message campaigns


Sanoma's telesales confirmation messages


Ilkka-Pohjalainen wanted to automate and enhance subscriber marketing flows.

Solution and benefit

“A service and process model was created for Ilkka-Pohjalainen, where subscriber renewal campaigns is handled automatically with SMS messages.

Follow-up offer messages are sent to a selected customer groups, and by responding to them, the order information is directly updated in Kayak as a subscription renewal.

Thanks to automation, the routines of subscriber management became more efficient. SMS automation saves time and brings cost efficiency to operations.”​


The need to streamline and speed up telesales order confirmations according to the new law change.​

Solution and beneftit

“By using SmartDialog’s Kayak integration, 2-way SMS message channels were created to deliver confirmation messages to the desired target groups.Thanks to the service, order confirmation has been perceived as easy and fast. The service has also been very reliable.”

Requirements for integration

SmartDialog license

The integration requires a SmartDialog account license and 1-way or 2-way message services.

Processing of services and personal data is as part of the contract process.


Numbers and connection

To receive messages, you need either a short number, a virtual longcode number.

Ordering, installation and use of number identities used in SmartDialog integrations is done through us on a turnkey basis.



.In addition to a SmartDialog license and messaging connections, SmartDialog’s Kayak Plus Messages integration is required, which you can get through Arena Interactive and Atex.

We deliver set up instructions and a user manual.


Additional information