Zapier integration

The SmartDialog messaging platform has a direct and reliable Zapier integration to implement messaging services in several cloud software and applications. With the SmartDialog and Zapier integration, you can easily automate many types of tasks in, e.g., HubSpot, Pipedrive, or Zoho CRM.

With SmartDialog’s interfaces and the Zapier connector, you can send and receive SMS and WhatsApp messages from cloud software and applications. In addition to the interfaces, you can monitor the message events with SmartDialog’s web interface, where you can see accurate statistics.

Connector features

Connector’s applications


Messaging when a desired action occurs

Example: When a new lead enters PipeDrive or when a new contact is created in HubSpot, the SmartDialog-Zapier connector automatically sends an SMS message.


Inbound message that triggers a wanted action

Example: When an SMS message arrives to SmartDialog’s 2-way service, an automatic function is started, where a new contact is created in HubSpot based on the information in the message.

Setup shortly

–> Select the an application or trigger that activates the sending of the SMS message.

–> Connect SmartDialog’s SMS & WhatsApp connector with Zapier.

–> Define message contents, test and activate.

You can use Zapier’s SmartDialog connector in several automation systems and software.

Requirements for integration

SmartDialog license

The integration requires a SmartDialog account license and message services: 1-way or 2-way depending on whether you need to send or also receive messages.

Processing of services and personal data is as part of the contract process.


Numbers and connection

To receive messages, you need either a short number, a virtual longcode number or a WhatsApp number of a WhatsApp Business account.

Ordering, installation and use of number identities used in SmartDialog integrations is done through us on a turnkey basis.


Zapier account

In addition to the SmartDialog license and messaging connections, a Zapier account is required: Log in and click on ”My Apps” -> ”Connect a new account”.

Search for “SmartDialog.” and use your credentials to easily connect your SmartDialog account directly to Zapier. Messaging is immediately ready for use and you can start creating automations.


Additional information