SMS and WhatsApp in customer communication

SmartDialog is a new generation service platform for intelligent communication via various instant messaging channels. The most used and fastest growing messaging channels are currently SMS and WhatsApp.

The majority of global B2B and B2C messages, both manual and automated, are still delivered via SMS, despite the increase in the use of other channels such as WhatsApp. The rapid growth in the amount of SMS messaging is influenced, among other things, by automatic system integration solutions connected to cloud services.

With SMS, organizations have a reliable and cost-effective connection with their customers.

SMS messaging info

WhatsApp messaging info

Meta’s Messenger channels and RCS

SmartDialog’s Dialog service now supports not only SMS and WhatsApp, but also Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messenger messages. End users always initiate the chat conversations with these channels.

Business communication will diversify and expand in the near future ever more, when RCS, the “next-generation SMS message channel” will be possible via the telecom operators and supported by SmartDialog.

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