Dialog Service

Efficient chat conversations with the Dialog service

With the Dialog service, you can send individual and group-specific messages to target groups, and give them the opportunity to reply to the messages if necessary. From the customer’s point of view, contacts and conversations are convenient with SMS and WhatsApp messaging.

Through instant messaging channels, you can offer your customers an effortless way to contact your company, and start informal chat conversations with your company’s employees. The customer experience improves when you can get in touch with your company quickly and the customer immediately receives the information he needs via text message or instant message.

You can manage contacts and groups, send messages and receive replies with the help of an easy-to-use web management interface. The SmartDialog web interface works equally smoothly on a computer, tablet and smartphone.

Dialog Service – What can you do?

Sending messages

Send individual and group-specific SMS or WhatsApp messages from the Dialog service to your contacts and target groups.

Receive SMS and WhatsApp messages to the Dialog service. Customers can reply to the messages you send.

Have chat conversations in the Dialog service via SMS and WhatsApp channels. You can chat with customers either in a personal or team chat view..

Outbound messaging

Inbound messaging

Dialog conversations

Dialog Service — main features & functions

Group management

Message sending


Group management’s features & functions

Messaging features & functions

Chat dialog features & functions

Dialog Service presentation video

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