About us

With our service platform and our iron expertise, we offer our customers an easy and intelligent way to develop and maintain a digital customer relationship with their customers. Communication can be related to different stages of the customer relationship lifecycle, such as acquiring new customers, maintaining a customer relationship, and customer engagement.

The success and success of our customers is especially important to us. We want to offer each of our customers a single service that suits their needs, or a combination of several services. With the help of our extensive experience, we find the best and most cost-effective services for communication both at home and abroad.

Our services can also be flexibly integrated into our customers’ other systems and business processes.

Our values

Delighting the customer

The success of our customers is important to us. We help our customers see new opportunities in their own business and provide them with powerful tools for digital customer communication and payment.

Succeeding together

The success of our customers is the most important measure of what we do. We strive for a common success story with each of our customers, which is a pleasure to communicate outwards

Enthusiasm to work towards our goals

Enthusiasm makes us act solution-oriented. Better digital customer communications and payment service solutions will truly develop and streamline our customers’ operations.

Willingness to reform

Staying still is not for us. We want to continuously develop and innovate digital customer communications and payment solutions to meet the needs of our customers

Deployment process

Deploying our services is easy: You get all SmartDialog services on a turnkey basis.

In addition to easy deployment, it is important to us that you get the most out of our services. That’s why we offer, for example, operating support and training according to your needs.

Needs assessment

We will find the best and most efficient solution for your needs, either in a single service or a combination of them.


With a project plan made individually for each project, we ensure high-quality and up-to-date delivery.

Deployment and training

We help and guide you in implementing the services. With training, we want to make sure you get the most out of our services.

Operational support and interaction

Our expert customer service will help you with any questions related to our services.

We will keep you up to date on the development of our services. Through continuous interaction, we ensure that our service continues to meet your needs.