Enreach Campaigns, Enreach Call Center

The SmartDialog service platform has a direct and reliable integration for implementing survey services as part of Enreach Campaigns and Enreach Call Center services.

With the SmartDialog and Enreach integration, you can connect one-way and two-way messaging services (SMS and WhatsApp) to inbound and outbound calling systems. You can attach automated opinion and NPS surveys to calls via SMS or questionnaires.

In addition to the interfaces, you can view the message events of the integration from SmartDialog’s web user interface, where you can see accurate statistics and message traffic reports.


Conncetor features

Connector’s applications

Enreach Campaign Outbound

After the customer service calls the customer, Enreach Campaign automatically sends information to the SmartDialog service, where the settings and restrictions related to the call information are checked.

The customer is sent an SMS survey message according to the service’s specifications, which may contain several chained SMS messages. The content may change based on the customer’s answers.

Enreach Call Center Inbound

The customer service receives the customer’s call. After the call ends, a notification is automatically sent from the customer’s information to the interface, which checks the service settings.

After an approved check, an SMS message is sent to the customer, to which the customer responds.

If the answer contains bad grades, it will be sent to the wanted e-mail address.

Websurvey forms

The SMS message sent to the customer can contain a link to the web questionnaire. The survey link can be customized per answering in such a way that it targets a specific customer event and contains data related to the call, for example, the customer service provider’s information.

Reporting data from survey responses is sent to the company, depending on the choice, either aggregated or in real time.




Raskone manages logistic's transports


A producer of social and health services and a partner for welfare areas and private social security operators


Raskone needed a fast, simple and efficient way to collect feedback from customers​.

Solution and benefint

“We offered Raskone an automated NPS survey in the Enreach system to collect customer feedback. The survey sent via SMS was integrated into the customer feedback system.

With the NPS survey, customer ratings and testimonials can be quickly collected and compiled into reports. If there are low evaluations in the survey, they are automatically forwarded, so that the evaluation can be reacted to immediately and, if necessary, the customer can be contacted directly.

Thanks to the SMS survey service, the amount of customer feedback has increased, which allows Raskone to improve its own services even more effectively.”​


​​With professionalism, Luona tailors social and health services to genuine needs and creates well-being that affects the society.​​

Solution and benefit

“In Luona’s services, the NPS recommendation index is measured using Arena Interactive’s SmartDialog survey services.

We chose the service because our partner Enreach already had an interface ready.”

Requirements for integration

SmartDialog license

The integration requires a SmartDialog account license and message services: 1-way or 2-way depending on whether you need to send or also receive messages. ​​

Numbers and connection

receive messages, you need either a short number, a virtual longcode number or a WhatsApp number of a WhatsApp Business account.

Ordering, installation and use of number identities used in SmartDialog integrations is done through us on a turnkey basis.


SmartDialog connector

In addition to the SmartDialog license and messaging connections, SmartDialog’s Enreach integration into the selected calling system is required, which you can get through Arena Interactive and Enreach.

Additional information