Payment Services

SMS billing & Mobile carrier billing (in Finland only)

Mobile payments does not require entering a payment card or bank ID, nor logging in to a separate service.

The customer’s phone number is automatically identified and the fee is charged to the customer’s phone bill. 

SMS billing

Invoicing with text messaging

The SMS service can receive paid SMS messages sent by customers. 

The SMS billing service is using a selected short number and a price categories between 0 and 50 €, to which different search words can be connected. Based on the search words, the message sent by the customer is redirected to the right SMS service. 

With text message billing, customers can send paid messages on a one-time basis. The service can also be implemented as continuous billing, so that the payment is every month automatically charging those customers who have joined the service.


Carrier billing

Invoicing with mobile IP

The end-users can make a single payment with a few clicks on their mobile phone via the telecom operator’s system.

Price categories between €0 and €50 can be activated for the carrier billing service,


The SMS payments and the carrier billing transactions will be billed via the mobile carrier invoice. Arena Interactive monetizes the payments to the service provider on a monthly basis and delivers also a payment transaction report.

Payment Service – What can you do?


With SMS billing and mobile carrier billing, you can easily pay for fixed-term subscriptions, memberships, article-specific reading rights, 24-hour reading or video streaming rights. 

You can ad the billing info direct in print or in other in digital media. Purchase confirmation is delivered via SMS.


Mobile payment services are widely used by various aid organizations to receive donations from charity campaigns and from recurring payments from private donors. 

An integration of the mobile payment services into the organizations’ own automation systems enables continuity of donations.


Can be implemented as own payment method selling tickets online.

Payment Service – main features and functions

SMS billing

Carrier billing

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