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SmartDialog is a next-generation instant messaging platform with ready-made features for intelligent digital communication, both centrally and globally across a variety of instant messaging channels. Including SMS, WhatsApp and Meta’s direct instant messages via Messenger and Instagram.

 SmartDialog enables you to create conversations with your target audience, automate your communications, send passcodes and offer payments via phone bill (SIM).

Messaging services

All SmartDialog services are managed with a single web management interface, where you can manage your messaging services, send and receive messages and view statistics.

1-way messaging service

Reach your customers with 1-way SMS and WhatsApp messages

2-way messaging service

Receive SMS and WhatsApp messages from your customer and send back automatically a confirmation.

Dialog Service

Manage instant messaging conversations with your customers.

Code Service

Send campaign codes to reward your customers or the staff. E.g. R-kioski has a wide selection of R-lahjakoodi products.

Survey Services

Automatic opinion and NPS surveys via SMS messaging

Payment Service

Mobile payment is a easy option for consumers to pay for small one-time purchases securely and quickly directly on their mobile device.


Connect SmartDialog’s messaging features with Microsoft Power Platform, MS Dynamics, Salesforce, HubSpot, Liana Cloud, Enreach and Zapier.


Smartdialog integrations

Video presentation of SmartDialog.