SmartDialog expands

SmartDialog expands with new messaging channels

SmartDialog is a new generation service platform for intelligent digital communication in different instant messaging channels. The most used and fastest growing channels are SMS and WhatsApp. Among other things, the growth is influenced by the possibility of connecting these communication channels with automatic B2B and B2C messaging integration solutions to cloud services.

Through SmartDialog, we offer a wide range of other instant communication channels for corporate messaging. Currently, SmartDialog’s messaging services support Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messenger messages in addition to SMS and WhatsApp messages.

In order to diversify the communication of companies, an “extended SMS” or RCS message channel is coming to SmartDialog in stages in the near future. Currently, RCS works on Google phones with Elisa’s operator connection. The supply is expanding to other operators and Apple phones, according to current information, during 2024

From all messages, you can redirect to separate landing pages, where you can ask for opinions, feedback, or give the end customer the opportunity to place an order, for example. In WhatsApp and RCS communication, you can also offer recipients direct quick reply and action buttons, from which it is easy to start for example comments, contacts, orders or even calendar entries. 

If the customer cannot receive RCS messages, you can use SMS fallback as a backup. In this case, the messages that do not arrive as RCS messages are automatically sent as an SMS message, considering the limitations of text message content. 

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