The CEO of Arena Interactive Oy will switch to entrepreneurship

Company statement, Jyväskylä 3rd April 2024


The CEO of Arena Interactive Oy will switch to entrepreneurship

Aki Hankaniemi, who has been CEO of Arena Interactive Oy since 2016, has announced his intention to become an entrepreneur and partner in Tridea Oy. It has been agreed with him that he will continue working for Arena Interactive Oy until the end of September. During this time, he will complete the ongoing strategic tasks and transfer the duties of CEO to his successor after the summer.

The board of Arena Interactive Oy and its parent company Arena Partners Oy would like to thank Aki for his contribution to the successful management of the company. As CEO, Aki has led Arena Interactive to good business growth and strengthened its core competence as a provider of SMS and instant messaging services, as well as a pioneer of these services and one of the largest players in the Finnish market. In addition, good development steps have been taken in the company’s internationalization in selected market areas.

Arena Interactive has been operating since 2007 and is an internationally operating software company specializing in SMS and instant messaging. It has approximately 550 customers from various industries. The customers are mainly large and medium-sized companies in Finland, the Nordic countries and the Baltics. The company is owned by Arena Partners Oy, whose owners are Keskisuomalainen Oyj, Ilkka Oyj, Hilla Group Oyj and PunaMusta Media Oyj.


For more information:

Jyrki Utriainen, chairman of the board (Arena Interactive Oy)

Olli Pirhonen, chairman of the board (Arena Partners Oy)

Aki Hankaniemi, CEO


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