Referenssit - Tallink

SMS Messaging and Group Messaging Service as part of customer and staff communications

We streamlined and facilitated Tallink Silja’s customer and staff communications with SMS communications. The streamlining significantly speeded up communication with both customers and staff.


Tallink Silja needed reliable SMS messaging as part of its reservation system. Our customer’s requirement was that they wanted to send messages from the messaging system to the phones of various rural passengers as well. Tallink Silja also needed a web management interface from which messages can be sent manually.


Tallink Silja introduced two-way SMS messaging, which is connected to Tallink Silja’s reservation system. In addition, customer service and marketing have access to the Group Messaging service, which can be used to send both individual and group-specific SMS messages to both customers and their own staff via an easy-to-use web management interface.


SMS communication offers Tallink Silja an efficient, fast and reliable way to communicate to its various customers and internally to its own staff.