Referenssit - Sanoma

SMS messaging as part of marketing automation

Sanoma uses our SMS billing service as part of its digital products. Text messaging is a secure and fast way to pay for products, content and services on mobile devices, up to a one-time purchase of € 50.


The Sanoma Group needed a payment service where customers could pay for their purchases as quickly as possible, in a straightforward manner and without entering separate codes or other information. The various business units also had to be able to make flexible use of the payment method.


Our SMS billing service was integrated into the Sanoma Group’s payment services. Now a subscription customer of any domestic operator can use SMS as a payment option. Payment is made by sending a text message to a specific short message number. Purchases are charged to the customer’s phone bill and the accrued charges are credited directly to the service provider’s bank account.


The payment option activates Sanoma Group’s customers to make purchases on their mobile services on their mobile devices. Purchasing is possible without a separate login, registration and authentication. The customer also does not need online banking or credit card IDs.