Referenssit - Raskone

NPS survey to improve customer understanding

We offered Raskone an easy and effortless way to collect customer feedback using an NPS survey sent via SMS. Thanks to the survey, increased customer feedback allows Raskone to improve its services more efficiently.


Raskone needed a quick, simple, and efficient way to gather feedback from customers instead of filling out a slow and cumbersome form.


The Net Promoter Score (NPS) sent via SMS was integrated into Raskonen’s customer feedback system. Arena Interactive submits a monthly summary report, from which Raskone sees all message traffic and total costs. It is also possible to get the average of the reviews received on a daily basis.


Raskone receives valuable and reliable information about the success of its services, as customer reviews and recommendations can be quickly gathered through a survey that the customer can easily and quickly answer while the service experience is still fresh. Poor reviews can be responded to immediately to minimize harm and improve service. Thanks to the automatic flow of information, employees can focus on their own work tasks, and Raskonen does not have to send any information manually.