Referenssit - Laakkonen

SMS messaging as part of marketing automation

SMS-Messaging was integrated into Autotalo Laakkonen’s back-end systems. The service is used to handle Laakkonen’s customer communications using the SMS channel in 1- and 2-way.


Laakkonen needed a reliable, domestic, GDPR-compliant and flexible solution for SMS messaging as part of marketing automation.


Two-way SMS messaging was integrated into the back-end systems used by Laakkonen, for example in marketing automation. Autotalo Laakkonen’s communications are controlled on a site-by-site basis, and accurate statistics and reports are provided for monitoring.


With the help of the SMS channel, Laakkonen is able to increase the efficiency of its communications, such as handover and opinion polls, the transmission of contact information, as well as reminders and separate marketing campaigns.